Monday, September 10, 2007

Hi guys,

This is just a little note to say that i am not going to be leaving blog world all together just getting away from blogger.

I would like to say thanks to everyone that has commented on here and would encourage you all not to forget me as you can still catch my antics on Wordpress under a different name.
It was a long agonising decision between sticking here, vox or Wordpress and i know it sounds girly but Wordpress is Pretty!

This blog has seen the best and worst of me and i will keep that up with my new address!
It is kind of like moving home - very sad and emotional as you are leaving memories behind!
My 21st Birthday i think has been the biggest celebration i have had on here even though there were no photos - i am trying to remedy this as i didn't have a camera at the time but several others did!

Even though i haven't seen a post from Mr Venom in a hot minute i would like to say thanks to him and Slish for making me read and post as those were the first two blogs i ever read and of course Rob Mack who has VANISHED!

Right well - this is it.
My new address:

Love to all and keep reading at my forwarding address

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

A relationship with yourself i have been told is one of the most important around - i am inclined to agree with this statement.
My reason for this is simple - if you are not happy with you self whether it be your inner or outer self then you are not going to be happy with anyone else who tries their hardest to be with you.

At this present moment in time i am feeling this. I don't as most people say 'hate myself' - but i am not exactly loving myself and my surroundings really are not helping this situation to progress into something positive.

The other day my new baby (my car) was broken into and my glove box was ripped open and my portable sat nav stolen - unfortunately it wasn't my sat nav it was my dad's which i borrowed as i can't currently afford one.

What i don't understand is that i had locked the car and checked the doors so how the hell did this person get in - it makes me more angry than scared or hurt because someone has invaded my personal space - the one big thing that i own and am working hard for to pay and someone has disrespected that by breaking in.

When i got home that night i broke the bad news to my parents at around midnight and they hit the roof - funnily enough the first question wasn't are you ok? or are you hurt? - the first question was 'When am i going to get the tom tom back - you know you have to replace it right?'

If i was a violent person then i would have hurt them so badly but they are no1 - my parents and no2 - i wouldn't do that to anyone unless my life was in immediate danger.

Luckily my car only suffered a broken glove box lock and the rest of the car is ok and i am ok as i only found out it was stolen when i got in to go home.

My conclusion on the situation was it was a crackhead looking for a quick fix and my alarm is faulty so i am going to get that checked out. Luckily no-one was hurt.

My parents conclusion was that i had left my keys lying around even though they were in my trouser pockets the whole night except when they were in the ignition and the other conclusion my mum came to was that i must have given the tom tom to someone.

My question to her last LUDICROUS suggestion is - Why the hell would i want to give something away that i know i would have to buy back if i didn't bring it back - am i that stupid or do i have money to burn?
No is the answer to both of those.

I am just so aggravated as i cannot figure out how this happened - i am sooooo careful with who i let around my car let alone leaving it in an area that i am visiting - i always make sure the doors are locked because of my line of work people are always hatin'.


Am i really? - I am not entirely sure about that.

Series of events so far:
-Car broken into
-Quit job at hospital
-Enrolled into college
-Other half house completion gone through but mother still very much a pain in the ass

So let us look over my series of events that have happened in the past couple of days
Oh and don't let me forget i went to visit another friend and even though i bought a ticket and it was displayed clearly on my dashboard some bastard traffic warden gave me a ticket for not displaying a ticket - what an asswipe!

On the upside i am trying my hardest to see as much as i can in a positive light!

Positive side of things:
My car was not totally stolen or even totalled or scratched come to think of it!
I am happy that i have quit my job at the hospital as they were the biggest pack of assholes i have EVER worked with and i have no intention of going back.
By quiting the job at the hospital not only do i save around £300 a month on petrol but i can walk or cycle to college and keep fit as it is only round the corner from my house - and i can actually GO to college and do my door work at the same time.
Not really sure what can be said on a positive note for the house and the other halfs mother.

I have been thinking seriously about our relationship lately and i have been having serious doubts but don't know how to express them to him as i don't want him to run a mile but in a way i wished at one point that he would - but then when i go back and think about it i want to be around him, i want to share my life with him and have a family.
It is all just so confusing - i suppose it is a lot more difficult now that he is not here to reassure me that things will be ok - he is away at sea and i can only speak to him when and where he gets reception which he doesn't even know until he gets there.

Well i think i will make that a rap for now and let your little eyes rest!

Take care of yourselves and thanks for stopping by - i will definitely be back sooner rather than later as i should hopefully have a lot less stress and some more free time on my hands!

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Friday, August 24, 2007

So i am guessing that you have figured out it is my birthday - still in the same rut as last year - everyone is busy and there is nowhere to go.
Despite my birthday falling on the carnival weekend and me telling people that it was birthday like a MONTH ago - they made plans about 3 months back.

So in the spirit of Fuck it Friday's from Freaky's page - i am a bit fucked off as i want to go out and celebrate with my friends who aren't busy tonight but my family have already booked a table at a restaurant as a surprise that i found out because my dad's mouth is not like a ducks ass more like a hoes pussy - loose!

Fuck the people that have said that they will be able to make it to my 21st and cancelled at the last minute.

And generally just fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck - are you getting the vibe that i am pissed off!

Also i am pissed off for more than the reason above - birthdays have always been a big thing to me - especially my 21st - i woke up this morning and got a load of abuse from a friend that is trying to sort out a surprise party for me but let loose that it is happening as she asked me who was turning up - needless to say she got the wrong end of the dialling tone from my cell.
And then she had the cheek to text me - Oh yeh Happy Birthday - when i see her she will either get a cheap drink over her or knocked the FUCK out!
Then the other half rolled over and said "Happy B-day boo" not even Birthday you know B-day and he is still asleep - it is 12:12 on the 24/08/07 - i am 21 and i am watching my other half sleep.

FUCK THIS I AM GOING TO GET MY EYEBROWS DONE AND GO TO MY MOM'S HOUSE - i haven't got enough money for shopping because i am paying for my new car - so FUCK THAT TOO!!!!!

Hope everyone enjoys the day - i am sure i will later when i am slightly drunk!!!!!

Peace and love peoples!

The one and only

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Monday, July 23, 2007
It's the final countdown!!!!

My last week at my current job and i am excited yet a little sad.

I can't believe things are finally changing for the better.

Well not all for the better - i have had a recent good luck streak which seems to have been followed by a bad luck streak in turn - not good.

Venting time:

I went home Thursday last week to find a red letter sitting on my desk - considering i have paid all my bills well all but one credit card as i needed petrol for the past month and had no money - but that will be paid in the next couple months.

Back to the red letter - the phone company 3g claim that i owe them £444.91 - which is the biggest crock of shit i have ever seen in black and red in my life!

I HAD ("Had" being the operative word) a contract phone with them before but cut it off and paid £382 and some change upfront to some debt collector people but they obviously didn't send my money to the company - therefore they should be chasing them not me.

I have my bank statement from then aswell so i can prove my payment.

The biggest joke of all is the date of this alleged non-payment - September 2005 - 2 whole piggin years ago - what a BIATCH - I mean surely if i really was in debt then they should be sending my all the warnings they can type out under the sun but when i asked the guy on the end of the phone which i am sure was in a foreign country - one that i wont name as i don't want to be seen as a racist - he told me that the last correspondence that they sent to me was in 2005.

If there are any lawyers out there that think this stinking crock is a big pile of crap like i do please let me know! - It would be much appreciated.

I am going to see my solicitor today and get them to send a letter to this company as i had another letter or saturday from them telling me they were going to consider sending bailiffs round - For something i don't owe? - My answer to that was come round and the police will be following shortly after you.

This post was written a few weeks ago so not sure why it didn't get posted!

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Thursday, July 19, 2007
Giving up on blogger????

I have really had enough of the dry outlook of blogger and i ready to give it up and move to another place but where to i wonder?

I have heard and seen that wordpress is pretty good, then i saw on the grapevine!! - that vox is wicked as you can easily link with You Tube

People i need some feedback as obviously it has to be easily accessible for you lovelies!!!

Oh a quick peeve of mine - why have so many people made their blogs private?

It's getting annoying now :(

Well hope to get some news from y'all real soon

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007
Kissing in the rain . . .

Such a cliche but feels great!
On sunday there was terrible rain where i live and i was hibernating inside with my dog (who seems to be growing at warp speed!)
The other half came over (we sorted things out - yay!) and we were just jammin watching some tv and listening to music (not at the same time - how do people do that?!!)

He decided it would be a good idea to let the dog play outside - even though it was raining apparently he should get used to it - yeh right! - He don't know my stubborn ass pup!!
So he let him out in the pouring rain and funnily enough he didn't want to come back in - he would on the condition that i went out and got him.
My argument to the other half in this situation is he has spare clothes in my wardrobe and has no hair that could get ruined - instead he ignored me and dragged me by the hand into the rain.

It smelt so nice - i know that sounds really odd but it is so true.
And i know this is going to sound so cheesy but hey - i have never been kissed in the rain before so i guess there is a first time for everything and i LOVED it - even though i have to now go and get my hair relaxed as it was passable before!!!
He looked good all wet aswell!!!

Other than my cliche setting i had a pretty good weekend. I got put at a different venue from my usual on friday and went back on saturday as the manager asked my manager for me to go back.
We had such a great laugh - going to be there this weekend again and finish at 1am and go back to the other place til 3am to get the extra £$£$£$.

Well i know it is short and sweet but i really don't have that much to say! - Just thought i would share my weekend romance with you!

How was your weekend?


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Wednesday, July 11, 2007
Dirty Weekend!!! - PART DEUX!!!
What really happened!!!

So we went to the coast on Saturday afternoon (supposed to have gone in the morning!) and as we had reserved the hotel the night before we had a little direction to where we were going to sleep.
Before we left we stopped at the petrol (gas) station and got the necessaries and some food and drink for the journey.
He got fruit and nuts and I got chicken pasta salad.

So the journey took just over an hour and it was the best feeling ever. Getting away from the real world and all the problems that even though we had to come back 1 night away was like a detox!

We got there at around 3 in the afternoon and checked our bags and then got washed and dressed for dinner – it was only Pizza Hut but it was just US!
I was so excited about finally getting some proper food!

So we waited for about 10 minutes in the long queue for a table – can you believe it in Pizza Hut the biggest pizza dive around and there is a queue they must be doing something right!
We were seated by an extremely polite waiter and he took our drink orders – both on softies as he doesn’t drink I didn’t want to be wankered before the food got there!

So we ordered the food pronto as there was a queue for ordering as well – only 3 staff and about 40 people – MAYHEM!!!
I had a couple sips of my tango but not too much as fizzy drinks fill me up if I am eating!

But then I started feeling all queezy and light-headed. Not a good feeling when you are awaiting a HOT LARGE STUFFED CRUST pizza L - I think many can share my misery!

I had to make a mad dash for the toilet and my head went first – if you know what I mean. That s**t was projectile!
Not good – nicht git! –

So I was in there for the best part of ½ hour and not happy as I was thinking of him devouring my pizza – we had to order 2 large ones as he can easily eat 1 and ¾ on his own! – I was crying everywhere so my mascara was all down my face and my hair was all over the place.

When I finally pulled myself together and my head out of the toilet I felt a sharp stabbing pain in my stomach towards my ass and couldn’t move – my legs gave way and I was on the toilet floor.

I had no reception on my cell phone and had to wait for him to come in and get me out of the toilet and back to the hotel room – I passed out twice and ended up waking up all clammy on the hotel bed. It was quite possibly the worst experience all year.

We were looking forward to it so much to see if we could reconcile our differences and all it did was made sleeping dogs lie as the saying goes.
Every time we tried to talk I would dip in and out of consciousness.

I woke up the next morning and put my brave legs on and headed for the bathroom – I managed a shower in pain still round my ass and managed to I know this sounds sick but take a s**t!!!
It felt so good. For the rest of the day I could have inflated a hot air balloon!!

He drove me home and we barely spoke as I was asleep and when I got home I was too tired to discuss.

Who knows – So much for a dirty weekend.

It took me until today – Wednesday to write this as I have been sick as s**t and working like a dog on some paperwork to finish things before I leave.

So what did y’all get up to this weekend just gone? I hope better events than mine were in the making!!!


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